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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

What is CBT?

Cognitive Therapy was founded by Aaron T. Beck, a therapist and researcher. At times he found traditional analytical psychotherapy to be ineffective for the treatment of depression in some patients. His hypothesis was depression could be caused by negative thinking patterns. He also noted that often these thoughts were habitual and not necessarily conscious to the individual concerned. The conclusion being that these negative thought patterns could also maintain an episode of depression.

Cognitive Therapy helps the individual become aware of these patterns and to be able to influence change in a healthier and more positive way. Over the last thirty years these principles have been developed and proven by research to be effective in helping many psychological and emotional difficulties.

Another principle of the therapy is to teach the client/patient to learn and develop these skills to enable them to become their own therapist. This radical dynamic shift has been significant in reducing dependence on the therapist.

How can Cognitive Therapy Help?

Cognitive Therapy is recognised as one of the most effective forms of psychotherapy. All the principles of the therapy are underpinned by extensive research. This has shown it to be an effective therapy for a wide range of emotional and psychological difficulties including:

  • Work related stress
  • General anxiety
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Panic attacks
  • Specific phobias
  • Obsessions and/or compulsions
  • Depression
  • Bereavement
  • Issues of low self esteem
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Sexual problems
  • Poor anger control
  • Psychosomatic problems/ health anxiety

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