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Therapist’s background:

Alan worked in the National Health Service for 37 years and has recently retired from this post and continues his work as a therapist. He is a trained psychiatric nurse, an experienced counsellor and accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist.

This background forms the foundation of his therapeutic work with individual clients and patients. He has also extensive teaching experience working with groups and students in different settings.

In addition to this orthodox foundation, his interest in complementary and preventative health care brings a broader vision of health and wellness to his work. He has studied health perspectives from different cultural backgrounds and has been taught by amongst others Tibetan Lamas and North American Indian elders.

Over a two year period Alan studied with Dr Robert Holden, founder of The Happiness Project and author of ‘Happiness Now�? Having completed the initial eight week training programme on happiness, Alan was part of a collective that ran workshops on happiness and this aspect of his work was featured on television. Alan has integrated many of these principles into his cognitive work.

Happiness is not the absence of sadness;
Happiness is the capacity to heal sadness.
No matter how deep the sorrow goes
Happiness goes deeper.
Robert Holden. Happiness Now.

This work has proven to be successfully adapted to his therapy work and teaching programme at The Body Holiday, a health spa located in St Lucia.
They have a reputation as an award winning spa, offering a programme of holistic health care. In addition to the more traditional programme of exercise, massage and healthy eating, their programme integrates aspects of emotional and psychological well being pioneered by Alan.

Three years after her BodyHoliday she still finds what she learned in the stress management class to be useful in her daily working life.

BodyHoliday Guest.

As a practitioner and trainer in Mindfulness, Alan has taught and run workshops exploring mindfulness as an approach to improving physical and psychological well being. Many people have discovered this approach to coping with stress and illness and other challenges in life invaluable.

Alan Fraser is currently a member of and past Chairperson of the Scottish branch of the British Association of Behavioural Cognitive Therapists. This work is undertaken by a collective of therapists dedicated to the expansion of Cognitive Therapy training in Scotland. The branch has an enviable track record for attracting world leaders in the field to teach in Scotland and also provides a platform for new talent to expand the knowledge base that informs practice

R.N.M.H 1976-1979
R.M.N. 1979-1980
B.A. Community Health 1994-1995
Practice teacher 1995-1996
South of Scotland CBT course 1997-1998

Professional Membership
Registered with the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) as a nurse practitioner working with mental health and learning disabilities.1979-1980
Registered with NMC as a community psychiatric nurse and as a practice teacher in community health 1995-1996
Registered with the British Association of Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapists (B.A.B.C.P) 2000

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