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Individual Sessions.
Each session is usually one hour long. Sometimes a double appointment maybe appropriate to a therapeutic task and this can be arranged after discussion with Alan.

Work with Couples or Significant Others.
Sometimes this is a negotiated part of the therapy work with an individual. Alan is welcoming of this principle of engaging with partners/spouses or other family members when this is seen as appropriate to the goals of therapy. This alliance can be of great assistance where this key person can help coach the client with therapeutic tasks or assist and support in their recovery.

Written Reports
Written reports are sometimes a pre-requisite of a treatment schedule. These are commissioned by the individual themselves, or their employer, health insurer or solicitor. Usually such items are composed with the full consensus of the client who will have full access to such documents. Any exceptions to this would be explicitly discussed with the client.

Telephone Consultations.
Established clients may  may find it helpful to have a telephone consultation for practical reasons. For example this maybe due to reasons of geographic location,if the individual is working abroad or away from home.
It could also be a way of working towards an agreed discharge from therapy plan.
Some individuals have found it helpful as a way of having a booster session to their treatment. Care is always taken not to foster dependance on a therapist.


This is always the foundation of any therapeutic alliance and is central to the work undertaken in therapy. At times professional or family liaisons may be helpful and necessary; usually this will only take place with the client’s knowledge and consent. The exception would be on the grounds of concern for the safety of others or the individual themselves.

Locations for Consultations in Edinburgh.

Wed/Fri: Insight Consulting Rooms, 35A Melville Street. Edinburgh. EH3 7JF
Tel: 0131 226 2025
Booking appointments call Mobile 07881 517 385

Consultations in the Scottish Border Region.

For individuals preferring to be seen in the Borders area this may be possible and should be negotiated directly with Alan by telephoning him directly on
Mobile 07881 517 385

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