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· Individual, one to one session, each session is one hour long and costs £90:00 per hour.

· Given that not every person is covered by health insurance a number of sessions are available at a discounted rate of £75:00 per hour.

· This reduced fee must be agreed with Alan Fraser before the treatment commences.

· Failure to secure this agreement will mean the individual is automatically liable for the full consultation fee of £90:00

· Written reports for medical, legal purposes or employers and insurers are charged at the same rate of £90:00 per hour but will be capped when appropriate.

Appearance as Expert Witness
This will be costed on the basis of the hourly therapy rate of £90.00 per hour. In addition to this, research and preparation time may be required to be charged.Consideration would also need to be given if attendance in Court or an Industrial/Employment tribunal conflicts with set clinic times.These terms will be made explicit on an individual basis and enquiries or questions are welcome.

Telephone / Skype Consultations:

· Established clients can arrange times and conditions where this can be set up with Alan.

Cancellation Charges

· NO CHARGE when 2 working days notice is given for cancelled appointments.

· 50% OF APPOINTMENT CHARGE When 48-24hrs notice is received:

· FULL APPOINTMENT CHARGE when less than 24hrs notice is received:

These charges are necessary to cover operating costs such as room rental that are set and fixed for therapists. Another person may have been able to use that particular appointment slot and this system helps manage waiting times being kept to a minimum.

If a cancelled appointment is filled by another client NO CHARGE is made.
You may also elect to be offered cancelled appointments as a way of reducing waiting times or finding the most suitable time for your appointment.

The information on this website is intended to be informative and to help individuals engage in therapeutic work if they deem this to be appropriate.
The information given is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a health practitioner. It may be unwise to use the information from this site as a substitute for an expert medical opinion or as justification for not seeking medical help or treatment

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