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Concerned Parent.

Ann and I wish you all the best and would like to thank you with all our heart for the help that you gave to Michael through such a difficult time in his life.

Your professionalism gave Ann and I great hope for Michael’s recovery from the depths of despair that he was obviously in at the time you first saw him.

Ann, Michael and I spoke with Michael’s high school counsellor and he has said that the work that you and Michael did together saved him from hitting “The Skids” as a teenager. Thank you is such a small phrase but is all that we can think of.

Ann and I would like to thank for your help in steering our youngest son into the young adult that he has become. Yet again, in his second year at Oatridge Agricultural Collage, he has gained eight straight’ A ‘passes in Community Landscaping. He has even had the courage to challenge some of the ideas and methods that the lecturers have come out with.

He says that “You gave him hope when there was none anywhere else”. Even from his granddad, and he worships him.Michael has become a well rounded, talkative, caring, interesting young man thanks to you.

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